Ep 89: Advice

February 25, 2020

Good or bad. Take it or leave it. The dreaded “I told you so”. We all get advice whether we want it or not. This week, the Misfits talk about how to tell if “tried and true” advice is right for you.

Eliza’s AOTW: What do you handle advice given to you? Good, bad, or indifferent?

2 thoughts on “Ep 89: Advice

  1. Guess I am going to find out pretty soon with my first ever edit coming back this coming Friday lol. I loved all the writing advice when I first jumped into writing a couple years ago – dove into every book and podcast I could find and at some point just felt completely overwhelmed with all the different and sometime contradictory suggestions. At the end of the day – trying something has been the only way to figure out if something works for me – so I LOVE advice that is – this worked for me – give it a try – I HATE advice that tells me something is the only way (true for writing, religion, most everything). Would really like to take the Becca Syne strenghts class when I can afford it though – I keep hearing how it helps you understand yourself so picking what to try has better success. Have a good week – M

    1. As you know, we misfits don’t believe in a right way or wrong way, there’s only your way! Keep us up to date on the edits!

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