Ep 87: Organization

February 11, 2020

Eliza prefers spreadsheets and organizers. Adrienne is a creature of chaos. This week the Misfits discuss how they organize (or don’t) everything from books to business.

4 thoughts on “Ep 87: Organization

  1. Organisation?
    Does the kitchen table when I can find a spot count? What about a picnic table by the lake? And of course a table in my favourite teashop.

    Okay, that’s location behind me.

    I have a dedicated folder tree set up on my laptop and mirrored on my phone.

    That’s tools.

    For my primary writing time I have a work from the home crafter wife who kicks me out with orders to go write and not to come back for at least 5 hours. Say half of that get’s put toward actual writing, or editing, given I just completed the 1st draft on my 3rd novel. The rest is a hot mess work in progress.

    1. Edwin, it sounds like you’ve got a great start on the organization though! And it helps to have a cheering section that will help you get it in gear when you need it. That’s gold right there!


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