Ep 85: Ambition

January 28, 2020

So many of us were raised to view ambition as a dirty word, but it’s hard to achieve what you can’t name. This week the Misfits get real (and real uncomfortable) about their own ambitions. 

Eliza’s AOTW: If fear weren’t a deterrent, what’s your personal ambitions? Share if you’d like, we’d love to hear it!

2 thoughts on “Ep 85: Ambition

  1. Ambition… tough one. How does that differentiate from dreams/fantasies; the level of how realistic it is?
    I’d love to write a series of books that really speaks to a group of readers, is worthy of praise and is somehow ‘new’.
    Would love to retire earlier than 65 because my books were selling enough to do so.
    Would like to have my brand Gen-xoxo encompass more writers than just myself writing creating books (or media) to the experience of being 45-55, especially when single.
    Fantasy for it to turn it into a TV series.
    Have a long way to go for any of them. I guess the first one is ambition, the rest feel more like unrealistic hopes/dreams/fantasies.

    1. I think a dream and ambition can be the same, but in my mind (and this is just me), what differentiates them is the desire to see it through. Some things may feel unattainable because they are things that seem to happen to one and a million. That’s also a lot of luck, which is something we can’t control. But I think we can control our desires to see something through. I always ask myself when I have a goal or something I want to attain is “how bad do I want it?” What am I willing to do to see it through? For me, that’s the ambition part of the equation.

      Great question and I love your ambitions!! #genxerandproud

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