Ep 84: Line Edits

January 21, 2018

Good copy editors are super heroes. That’s one thing Adrienne & Eliza can agree on. From overused words to misplaced body parts, to accidental streakers, this week they discuss all the times editors have saved their butts.

Eliza AOTW: If you’ve worked with a copy editor, how have they saved your butt? How did you find your editor super hero? Let us know!

2 thoughts on “Ep 84: Line Edits

  1. Editors make me do things like add description. I mean does anyone really care what colour shirt my MC is wearing or look deeply into the eyes of a minor character to perceive the colour of their iris? I have also been called out for using phrases that weren’t as sensitive as they should have been. Which is a good thing, we all have biases that need to be questioned.w

    1. As far as shirt colors and all, I think that it depends on the genre. Some readers love that. As a reader, I’m kind of indifferent to it. If it’s there it gives a better visual. If it isn’t, I just make my own vision. I will say in romance, the eye color thing is something that you do see a lot of, which is why I say it may be more genre based as to the importance of it.

      And it is always a good thing to have sensitivity readers/editors that will help you catch that stuff before it goes out into the world!

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