Ep 78: Our Favorite Current Trends

November 26, 2019

Fashions change in books too. What’s in now, might be out tomorrow, so this week The Misfits talk about their favorite current trends.

Misfits, what’s your current favorite trends?

6 thoughts on “Ep 78: Our Favorite Current Trends

  1. My favorite trend right now is the call for “owned voices” – pretty much every agent and editor at the RWA conference was looking for Rom/Com and books with diversity. I also HOPE you are both right about the “seasoned” characters trend. If I can ever get the GD book down and series the whole hook of them is “Romantic Comedy for the Jaded John Hughes Generation” – with the web site about to launch before year end catering directly to Gen X’er romance readers. We shall see :). Thank you for always bringing the fun to Tuesday AM’s. Not X-Mas but The Ghost and Ms. Muir is a fantastic classic. Also I really enjoyed the “Love on Main Street – Snow Creek Christmas” collection that has stories from both Adrienne and Rachael 🙂 .

  2. Hi Eliza and Adrienne!
    The best Christmas romance I ever read was “Sleigh Bells In The Snow” by Sarah Morgan. I also read a freebie on the Nook app that was pretty good called “His Christmas Wish” by Melissa McClone. I’m also writing a Christmas romance (my first book!) and have about 33,000 words. It’s at the “my freaking book” stage…. so my hope is to get that done soon, I’d love to share it with you after revisions!
    – Annie

    1. Hi Annie! Thanks for listening and commenting!

      I love Christmas romance and thanks for recommendations. I’m always game to help an author with their books. One of my fave things to do!

      Good luck with finishing it! I’d love to hear from you if you need to brainstorm!

  3. Yay, rom coms! I read them and write them so I’m fully on board that trend, as well as the “seasoned character” trend. I watched the Rob Lowe/Kristin Davis Netflix special and it was kind of terrible, but I loved seeing an older couple onscreen. I saw the hot-suspender-ghost movie last year, and I was tempted to watch it again this year! It’s so good, but I was really mad at the ending. They set up this premise where he can’t live in this time period and then suddenly, when all hope is lost, they bring him back as a living person with no explanation about how that worked out. I hate it when writers cheat like that, but it’s still the best holiday romance movie out there. I fully endorse the idea of the Christmas ghost anthology! I also had the idea of organizing a Halloween anthology. It’s my favorite holiday and I feel like it’s under-rated as far as how romantic it can be. Doesn’t being scared make you want to jump into someone’s arms? And then there is the hotness factor of masks and costumes, pretending to be someone else for a night, etc. BTW, I would love to hear an episode about anthologies: how do you invite other authors to be in one, how do you work out the financial part, is it better to give the book away for free, who organizes/pays for the artwork, etc. Thank you, ladies, for another awesome episode!

    1. I love rom coms as well and I’m really loving the seasoned character thing. My characters are older than norm (mid 30’s or so) because that’s what I wanted to read. And I wanted them to have some history and experience.

      I LOVE HALLOWEEN TOO!! That would actually be a fun thing to do for a holiday. I had an idea for a small town series that the books were all around a holiday. I may still do that…

      Sadly, I have not been part of an anthology yet, but I think Adrienne has and she can give us some pointers for sure!!

      Thanks for listening and commenting!

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