November 19, 2019

Money can be a difficult subject, especially where the arts are concerned. Just ask Adrienne, who tries to face her money issues on air.

This week, the Misfits take on the subject of money and personal finance and how it applies to their writing lives.

Misfits, how do you handle the subject of money when it comes to your writing career? Is it something you’ve thought about? If not, what’s holding you back?

2 thoughts on “Ep 77: Money

  1. I’ve worked hard to be financially wise most of my life. It helps that my wife is also aware of proper money management. Aside from the house mortgage we are debt free though our aging car is getting closer to the time we need to upgrade.

    In specific writing terms, I have done a small amount of computer related contract work over the decades. When it became clear I’d need money to move my writing ambitions forward I started skimming a percentage of all money earned through that means. This has covered all the costs of two books though I will need to up the number of each sold to cover the looming shortfall as book three gets closer to the point of needing it’s first edit. Right now I define success as a writer as that moment when what I’ve written covers all the costs of what I’m writing next.

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