Ep 76: Writing Fashion Faux Pas

November 12, 2019

Writing styles change. So why do we act like they’re written in stone? This week, the Misfits give their hot takes (popular and unpopular) on a few of the always and never do’s of the genre fiction world.

2 thoughts on “Ep 76: Writing Fashion Faux Pas

  1. Some follow-up questions –
    -Would you say a 1-2 page “prologue” that introduces the main cast of the series as a whole (for mine it is six women in a board game group) and then Chapter 1 jumps right into the story with the Main Character of Book 1 is still a no-go?

    -If you do not like flashbacks (I’m a witch too) – how would you build suspense about something important in their past that brings them shame without them? I have essentially a 4 page scene but it is broken into much smaller chunks as it is slowly revealed throughout the book- and the last bit is him revealing it in real time. I can show how it has changed him without it but not why – if that makes sense. Anyway – newbie question – thank you for the great episode.

    1. Hi Maggie! I love your questions. I’ll answer them as how I would do it. But remember, this is just my opinion. You have the final say as the author of your story!

      1 – I wouldn’t use the prologue as an intro for characters. It’s backstory, it’s info dump. Introduce the characters as they appear in the book. Like peeling the layer of the onion. Give the reader a reason to keep turning. Holding a little back and revealing as you go isn’t a bad thing.

      2 – Flashbacks (for me) are like prologues. It’s a place to give info of the story that can bring the reader out of the story. My current story is a second chance romance. By virtue of the premise, I could have flashbacks all over the place. But then it gives away the story before it’s over. You build suspense by dropping hints as to why he feels shame. And why does he feel shame? And how does that play in his life today? Use what happened to him in his past and show how it affects him today. And then when you it the climax, you tear off the band aid and the reader knows. We are all motivated by things from our past. Our characters are no different.

      Hope that helps!

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