October 15 2019

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It’s what holds most of us back. This week, the Misfits get real about their deepest writing and publishing fears and how they deal with them.

Question of the week: Looking back on your journey, how much has fear held you back?

6 thoughts on “Ep 72: Fear

  1. The big fear hiding in the back of my head is the one that keeps whispering, You are a special snowflake and no one wants to read the stories you write. It gets loudest at the end of each month when I do my how much didn’t I sell this time tally.

    1. I have the same fear. The whole “I don’t have anything to offer anyone. What can I say they want to hear?” I have that big time.


  2. This episode really hit home. Is it weird that I have both fear of success AND fear of failure – though they are intertwined – failure would be being exposed for the craptastic writer I know I am – and success would be feeling guilty that I have fooled people into thinking otherwise and it is just a matter of time before they figure it out so the answer – analysis paralysis to the self-sabotaging levels. Sigh. Just keep swimming – onward writers – and all that inspirational stuff…..

  3. Absolutely LOVED this podcast! I have the exact same fear of success, and it’s a huge struggle to keep pushing forward at times when I just want to hide. Thank you for sharing! Glad to know I’m not the only one!

    1. Hi Pam!
      First time commenter! Welcome to the misfits world! Thanks for tuning in. Success is a fear all in itself, isn’t it? Weird as it sounds. And you are far from the only one, I promise!


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