Ep 71: Eliza’s Debut

October 8, 2019

First, we want to give a big shout out to Maggie Menane as our very first Patreon supporter! Thank you so much Maggie for helping support us!

It’s time to celebrate Eliza’s debut launch! This week she tells us how she prepared, how the launch went, and what her plans are going forward.

Action of the week: If you’ve launched her debut novel recently, how did it go? Do you have any questions for Eliza?

3 thoughts on “Ep 71: Eliza’s Debut

  1. Damn you – I may finally have to break-down and buy some kind of e-reader….. I am an old dog – who does not want to learn the new trick of reading on screens (my eyes start wigging out trying to read on a screen at night after reading screens all day- so some real reasons too) – but “Hook” has been sitting in my in-basket and now “Trouble Me” – plus all the fabulous writers I met over the weekend at the Seattle RWA conference that are on my list now as well. They will be prying a paper book out of my cold-dead-hands at the end (likely Jane Austen) but in the interim – sigh – any suggestions for low cost – low-eyestrain readers? The phone is just not an option at this point – baby-steps. So happy for you – I hope it flies off the virtual shelves.

    1. Hi Maggie! Thank you! I hope so too! 🙂

      The thing with a kindle (or any e-reader really) that’s nice is you can change the font setting and also if you find one that has e-ink and no backlight, it can be better for the eyes.

      Trouble Me will be out in paperback before the decade is over!! So you could wait for that! lol


      1. I ended up doing a bunch of research and really assessed my needs (my 10+ year old lap top is struggling so I don’t take it anywhere with me) and decided to splurge on the I-Pad Seven and key-board after test driving it – it has e-reader capability, is portable enough that I can take it with me places and the new key-board is pretty slick so I will no longer have an excuse not to write when I am out and killing time with mobile scrivener and dropbox at my fingertips. Can’t actually play with it until my birthday in a few weeks – but when I do – will see if it lives up to my expectations and actually does boost productivity. Take care – Maggie

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