Ep 70: Setting

October 1, 2019

So much more than where your story takes place, setting can show how your characters see their world and their place in it. Unfortunately, it’s also Adrienne’s weakest skill, so it’s Eliza’s turn to work her magic.

Question of the week: How do you write setting? How do you figure out where you will set your story? How much does setting play a part in your story?

4 thoughts on “Ep 70: Setting

  1. I write SciFi but I also tend to me a minimalist when it comes to setting. I do try to add sound and odor in addition to sight Touch is more difficult to slip into most scenarios.

    1. Touch is a more difficult one for certain genre’s I think. Romance is probably easier since that is something integral to the plot usually. But I can see where sound and smell would work better for Sci Fi.

  2. Great episode – thank you. Happened to listen to it back to back with the “All The Kissing” podcast whose episode was all about world building – and was surprised there was also great advice on how to choose what a character is noticing in a scene, etc for any type of writing not just fantasy/sci-fi.

    Side note – will love for you all to do an episode on how and what you do in terms of “series bibles”. I think I have heard all of your episodes, but if I happened to miss one let this please direct me.

    Second side note….hope someday there is a Misfits Retreat – that would be so fun.

    1. Series bibles are a good idea! I don’t think we’ve done one of those! And a retreat would be a blast!!

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