Ep 69: Family Support

September 24, 2019

No one can do it all…especially not Eliza and Adrienne. This week we talk about getting the help you need from the ones you love.

What kind of support do you need from your family and how do you go about asking for it?

5 thoughts on “Ep 69: Family Support

  1. My mom used to support my writing by encouraging me to take classes and telling me she thought I should be an author. I don’t really talk about my writing much to my family anymore…but my mom has always told me to follow my dreams and do what I love. She does that with her own art. My best friend listens to me when I talk about plans I have, or she helps me when I ask her about character names. I also have a writing friend I’ll meet up with and we use each other as accountability partners. I don’t feel unsupported, so that’s good. I feel pretty supported when I listen to the podcast and can related VERY WELL to something that’s going on in your ladies’ writing as well.

    1. I can understand for sure. I had a very small group of writer friends when I first started writing again. Once I joined some organizations, it became super helpful and I started to network. I also just put myself out there. That’s how Adrienne and I ended up as friends and doing this podcast! It has really broadened my horizons with being immersed in the writing world. And of course, you can contact me anytime! 😉


  2. I’m fortunate in both my wife and daughter are also creatives. When I asked for extra time to dedicate to writing they turned around and made it a requirement. On my days off from the bread-and-butter job my wife will kick me out of the house with orders to go write and a don’t return before deadline.

    I can’t pretend I’m anywhere perfect when it comes to things like sharing the household chores. I’m a putterer, cleaning or putting things away as I move around the house. I am the chief dishwasher and have never been afraid to scrub a toilet.I will stop and fold a bunch of laundry while passing by the basket, do a quick sweep of a section of floor because it feels like the right thing to do. That kind of thing.

    1. That is so nice to have those creatives in the house with you. They can really understand when you need that time. And also know when to push you to get it done it sounds like! That’s awesome!

  3. Episode made me a bit wistful – but not having a big support network is mostly on me. Single mom – so not a lot of help at home and only income so can’t mess with that. Don’t have any IRL writing friends but enjoy the slack, podcast, classes ones I have “met” along the way. My close friends whom I adore are either writing snobs (English majors who only value works of great art) or could care less about writing. When I first started and was really excited I couldn’t help bubbling over and talking about it but as Eliza said – total crickets – either embarrassed for me faces, eye rolling “boring…” looks or skeptical confusion. They certainly don’t bring it up or ask me how it is going – but perhaps they have things in their life that are really important that I missed their passion and don’t ask them. Perhaps if/when I actually get a book out in the wild things will change. Perhaps not. At 51 – I am primarily doing it for myself. A little sting here and there reminds me that it must be important to me to write or I would be more affected by others reactions and opinions.

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