Ep 64: Our top three failures!

August 20, 2019

If you’ve never failed, you’ve never tried! Which means Adrienne and Eliza have tried A LOT! They break down their top three career failures.

Misfits, what are some things you’ve tried in your writing career and just crash and burned?

Let us know!

3 thoughts on “Ep 64: Our top three failures!

  1. Oh Adrienne I feel you with the anxiety- even treated I struggle especially in any situation where I don’t know people. No successes yet per se since I’m in the major revision stage of Novel One but already some failures, including going to about 6 RWA meetings and barely talking to a soul; imposter syndrome renders me mute and like Adrienne mentioned I just want to be as small as possible. Joined the committee for the upcoming conference hoping to break out of my shell a little, but still have not really gotten to know anyone. Can’t shake the awkward new kid in the lunchroom feeling even at 51. It’s on me, just hope I can find a kindred spirit before I spent the conference in October hiding in the corner -lol. Wonderful show, thanks for sharing your experiences. -Maggie

  2. For me the issue has all been about motivation.

    After I’d concluded it was time to write for publication I failed to take the next step of creating a real process for working on my craft and pushing forward.

    The second would be failing to reach out to the local, and robust, writing community in my own backyard rather than depending on ever changing online resources.

    The third is also the to nail down. If I’d done more with 1 and 2 I’d have been in a position to jump into self-publishing years before I first hit publish.

    1. I’m in the same boat, Edwin. My failures are all tied together. Like a domino effect. If I’d done one thing before the other I probably would be further along than I am now!–Eliza

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