Ep 60: Drafts – A Year Later

July 16, 2019

Eliza’s back and ready to talk about her just completed first draft! Adrienne digs in on how Eliza feels about drafts now vs a year ago, what’s she learned, how her productivity schedule is working, and what she’ll do the next time around.

Eliza’s Action of the Week:

Listeners, when you write your drafts, what are the pillars of your drafting process that never let you down? Share them with us and your fellow misfit writers!

3 thoughts on “Ep 60: Drafts – A Year Later

  1. Congrats Eliza!!
    Loving Rachael H’s 90 Day Revision class but boy am I learning all the things I will never do again in the drafting process. The biggest is not outlining and writing out of order; I have a lot of fun scenes but no real story essentially. My second book is about 30K in and when I get back to it after the Book 1 Revisions I may start from scratch for outlining and then see if anything I have now works – because doing it at 60K thinking I had all the pieces has felt really disappointing. May I ask if you have a specific outline technique? (beats, 40 cards, 7 pillars, etc) There are so many out there hard to know which one to start with. If I can’t whip the current WIP into shape in this major revision I may have to call the Plot MD 🙂 – . Have a wonderful week you two – thanks for all you do for the community – Maggie

  2. Hi Maggie!
    I understand what you’re going through! I was a total panster when I first started writing. I take that back, not a total panster, but my plotting had no real…plot. No structure. So, I decided to do some learning and I ended up creating my own sort of process. I started with the books Romancing the Beats, GMC, and Take Off Your Pants. They have become part of my pillars and yet I’m still always learning. I did the same thing with my book. After I learned much more than I knew before, I redid my entire first book. And I’m doing a lot of the same with book 2 because I wrote it initially when I first started my new process. It was the best thing I ever did!
    Good luck! We’re here for you!

  3. Loved the episode. Congrats on finishing your draft, Eliza! I’m revising book two in my series–it needed heavy revisions and was so much harder to write than the first book. I started to outline book three after reading Plot MD so (hopefully) I won’t have to revise this next one as much. I also struggle with the “not outlining so much that it kills the joy of writing” thing that Eliza was describing. It’s definitely a balance. I might try the fast draft approach and see if that keeps the magic alive.

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