Bonus Episode!

August 13, 2019

This week, the Misfits talk about their three favorite podcasts, both writing and non-writing ones. Although, Eliza had a hard time picking just three…

Listeners, what are your favorite three (or seven) podcasts? What do you love about them?

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2 thoughts on “Bonus Episode!

  1. I have so many podcasts in my weekly commute queue I’m going to take my cue from our hosts and twist my answer somewhat.
    The three podcasts I interact the most with regards to the hosts.
    1. The Writers Well. J and Rachael make me feel like I’m in the livingroom with them as they discuss the latest topic. I’ve left a comment for every episode from the very first run of Petal to the Metal.
    2. Self Publishing Journeys. After hearing how much the host Paul Teague got a kick out of people posting pictures on Twitter of where they were while listening I got into the habit of always having something for him to comment on.
    3. The Misfits Guide To Writing Indie Romance. I’ve enjoyed thinking about how your episodes make me think and coming up with the right thing to say in return.

    1. Hi Edwin! I will have to check out Self Publishing Journeys. I have never heard that one before.
      And thank you for adding us to your list! It truly is an honor to have you with us each week. We love doing this thing and would do it anyway, but the fact we have people like you listen every single week makes it all the more worth it. So a heartfelt THANK YOU to you, Edwin. For being loyal and with us the whole time.

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